How do I order?

That’s how you order in our Online-Shop!

  1. To find your desired products, please select from the upper column of the product group.
  2. Now you can either re-select sub-categories, or any product of the selected group.
  3. Then click "Add to Cart". Thus, the item you have selected is placed in the virtual shopping cart.
  4. Your shopping cart contains all bookmarked products and can be accessed any time for inspection.
  5. Call your cart on by clicking on the appropriate icon. So any time you have the opportunity to change or remove items and quantities.
  6. To complete your order, click on the button "Checkout".
  7. Our form is structured so that it will guide you through the order process. Convey the necessary data and select your preferred method of payment. Send off your order, and it will be sent to us.
  8. Upon receiving your order you will receive a confirmation. From this you can determine if your data and the items ordered were correctly transferred.
  9. Your order will be processed as quickly as possible.